I am one of those individuals in the world who is incredibly sensitive to the abundance of synthetic chemicals in our environment.  In order to maintain a modicum of health, I keep a green home and eat almost exclusively organically.

With my health issues have come the challenge of food sensitivities.  I currently cannot eat gluten and most dairy.  Many of those foods cause migraines for me; others cause my body not to function well in other ways.  Previously, I have had to avoid eggs, soy, and rice.  I have dealt with food sensitivities in my children that have included dairy, wheat, soy, corn, beef, fish, nuts, teff, sorghum, citrus, garlic, and more.  Fortunately, as they have gotten older, my kids have outgrown most of their food sensitivities.  At this time, one of my children is sensitive to some dairy and one of my children is sensitive to soy.

My family eats an omnivorous diet, though I do make vegetarian and vegan items which I will tag as such.  Most of my posts will be gluten free recipes, though I do still cook with gluten for the rest of my family even though I can’t eat it.  I prefer to use local, seasonal produce bought at organic farm stands and the farmers’ markets in Austin, Texas.  I don’t like using store-bought mixes or prepackaged foods both because I react to so many things and because they take the challenge and art out of cooking for me.


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