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A dill burger on a bed of organic lettuce from my massage therapist's garden served with a slice of an organic heirloom tomato

We eat burgers a lot because they are one of the few items that everyone in the house will eat.  They’re quick and easy and versatile in terms of accommodating different food sensitivities, too.  When dill burgers are on the menu, I usually make one pound of dill burgers and one pound of plain burgers since only four of our five family members eat the dill burgers.  That makes eight quarter pound burgers which sometimes all get eaten in one meal depending on how starving the kids are and how many sides we have.  Otherwise they take leftovers for lunch at school the next day.

I haven’t found a gluten free bun that I’m in love with, and I haven’t mastered a recipe of my own.  I just do lettuce wraps, as pictured above.  My family usually eats the Rudi’s organic whole wheat hamburger buns.

Dill Burgers

1 pound grass fed ground beef (I use 90% or 95%)
2 tablespoons organic Dijon mustard
1 organic green onion, minced
2 tablespoons fresh organic dill (do not substitute dried)
1/4 teaspoon organic black pepper
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
4 slices of organic cheese (cheddar, jack or swiss) (optional)

Mix all the ingredients but cheese.  Divide into four patties.  Broil, fry, or grill the way you normally would cook burgers.  We usually broil them in the oven, and we prefer our burgers well done.  I cook them for six minutes on one side, flip, cook for another six minutes, add cheese to any burgers that need them, and cook for another 45 seconds (12:45 total cooking time).